For the rookie women in the top 3 (Melissa Peperkamp, ​​Evy Poppe and Romy van Vreden) it was still exciting for the weekend who eventually ended up with the overall title. Before the slopestyle final broke out, the three snowboard talents each had 250 points and were in the same place in the overall ranking. During the season, the Dutch Cup winners will each receive 50 points for the overall ranking per match, when there are less than 8 participants in a category and 100 points when 8 or more participants participate.
On Saturday there were 9 ladies at the start and it was Melissa Peperkamp from IJsselstein who ended up with 100 points and overall overall.

Melissa Peperkamp landed according to the judge Sadiq van Overbeek on the Kicker of a cab 180 (half rotation around the axis) and a front 540 (1.5 rotation around the axis) with a tail grip. Then she showed on the rails the following: on the first rail a front side lip slide, on the second rail a 50/50 frontside 360 ​​out (1 rotation around the axis) and on the third rail a frontside lip slide to fakie.

Melissa Peperkamp "Despite being unable to attend the big air finals on Sunday, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that I could still name my overall title."

Melissa Peperkamp win the Overall title Nobile SBX Trophy - kühtai Austria.



On April 1, 2017 the final of the Nobile SBX Trophy.

Normally he would Grasgehren - Germany but they moved him to Kuhtai in Austria.

I was 3rd in the Overall Ranking List so I never thought I could win this tour.

In the qualification I came as 1st over the finish so I was through to the final.

Everything went well and everything was fine, I was so happy that I could win the final.

I am very happy that I won this tour because it was the 1st year I started in this category women U15.

I still can not believe it.

Melissa Peperkamp wins 4x  GOLD at Dutch Nationals snowboard in Laax - Switzerland




IJsselstein - Melissa Peperkamp (12) Last week, four times the gold accumulated in the hands of the Dutch Championships snowboard in Laax Switzerland.
March 27 to March 31, 2017 were the Dutch Championships snowboard place in Laax Switzerland.

Melissa won GOLD in all freestyle components are in snowboarding.

Melissa: "I still can not believe I have achieved this result. Last year I won in all parts freestyle GOLD. I hoped I could hold this result. And that it was successful, I still can not believe it. I am extremely proud of the fact I was on the part SBX SBX 4 consecutive years have been able to put the Dutch Champion title on my name. "

In the May Melissa Peperkamp goes train a week in STUBAI, then they may start enjoying the summer until September.
In the summer she trades her snowboard to her wakeboard.
They will stay in shape for the winter season.

3rd on the podium today at the Shred Down Austrian Masters & German Masters.

In the Austrian Westendorf Top 10 Rookie ladies last weekend at the start of Shred Down Austrian and German Masters. In this contest were to earn points for the WRR list. I'm 4th in the world and was invited to participate.
It was a special trip for us, Johnny13 was along for the vlogging about it and to make Feeders for my own brand by MP.

I was very surprised I was invited. This competition will only participate the best riders from Austria and Germany. I wanted win the contest so it did my FS720  to take the win. Unfortunately, I have not quite landed clean but it was worth the risk. I am satisfied with my 3rd place.

Next week I am in Mayrhofen for the final of the Zillertal Valley Ralley in Mayrhofen where I will do everything to win the title Princess of Valley Ralley.

I'll keep you informed!.