Who am I / Biography


Name:   Melissa Peperkamp
Sports: Freestyle Snowboarding, Slopestyle and BIGAIR, SBX Snowboard Cross,

                 Wakeboarding (cable and boat).

Nationality: Dutch
Born: 22-04-2004
Stance: Regular
Indoor Hall: Uithof Den Haag / SnowWorld Zoetermeer / SnowWorld Landgraaf.
Wakeboarding at the cable: Down Under Nieuwegein
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Wakeboarding behind the boat: D-Crew Loosdrecht.

How nice that you visit my site. For this I thank you.
I'm Melissa Peperkamp and as you can see is my passion Snowboarding.
I am active in several disipline:
Big Air
I am myself a lot to develop and will play in the future for the Netherlands to play in the European and World Cups and Olympic Youth.

By achieving this I am too find abroad (Austria-Germany-Switzerland-Italy).
In these countries I participate in training and competition to gain a lot of experience so I will soon know exactly how a run or a course can drive perfectly and can learn how to earn the most points to finish on the podium as high as possible .
This season 2016/2017, I have gained a lot of international experience and will next season 2017/2018 still use a step up to a higher level again.
Next season I will be found at the World Rookie Tour, where many strong competitors will be present.
Look at my blog then you know exactly where I practice, and where I am right now.
Now I train 3 times per week, 2x per week in the Uithof / The Hague with Richard de Ruijter (Snow Team) and 1x per week at SnowWorld in Zoetermeer with the Dutch SBX Team.
Then we go regularly to SnowWorld Landgraaf (Shred Masters) to train there.
And weekends I'm abroad to train there and take part in a competition.
I am proud of my already achieved results. You can see extended to "RESULTS".
Dutch Champion 2015 in Snowboard Cross disipline, Slalom and Big Air.
Dutch Champion 2016 in Snowboard Cross disipline, BIGAIR, Slopestyle, Halfpipe. (4 times Dutch Champion)
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When winter is over, I return my snowboard for my Wakeboard. I do this to stay in shape for the winter and this sport is great fun to do. Wherever I am very proud of is that I last year 2015/2016 my title earned wakeboarding of Dutch Champion.
2nd Dutch Champion Cable 2016 (launched this year in a higher category Girls)
1st Dutch Champion Boat 2016 (Junior Ladies)
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Kind regards,
Melissa Peperkamp